So what is spam – @Ed_Dale ?

“Chris, there is only one definition of spam — unsolicited email”

Nope, not really. That’s your definition. Spam is a repeated bombardment of essentially unwanted information. Go watch the python sketch that gives it it’s name. I’m sure it’s on youtube.

Eg: “We’ve got SPAM, egg and SPAM, SPAM SPAM sausage and SPAM, SPAM SPAM….” (well I’m sure you get the idea).

The folks in the restaurant in the skit actually did “opt in” by walking in the door. They agreed to some level of interaction with the business. What then happened was the proprietor took advantage of that relationship in an attempt, perhaps, to offload a surplus of SPAM by putting it in every dish.

So I’d argue your definition of spam, in the first instance.

Secondly, the “just opt out” argument. I’m happy to join your mailing list. I’ll even follow your recommendations, Ed, to “go here and sign up, hey, don’t actually buy anything, but take the free information”. Now I’m not an idiot, and I can understand you’re marketing there, but the cumulative result is 20 of you then bombarding me with crap about the latest product launch.

The point was, with the latest version of that, mass control, people are sick and tired (I imagine) of all the nonsensical hype of “hey, this is a great product. You know what, I haven’t actually bought it, but I’m getting paid to say so” messages. We know how the product launch formula works, we’ve seen it a lot (high volume) were’ familiar’ (read, resistant). Hmm, high volume of requests to do something we’re resistant to? Sure sounds like SPAM to me, and certainly abuse of the relasionship.

I know you’re big on relationship, Ed, and I get that – and you also talk about the dangers of abusing it – so please don’t complain when someone calls you out for doing just that. I unsubscribed from your list, and also no longer follow you on twitter.

I’m sure it won’t make a dent in your sales 🙂 And I don’t bear you any grudges. I love your work, and I love your material. If I want to read your tweets now and keep in touch, there’s always the RSS version of your twitter feed, and that’s far, far less intrusive on my life, and I can choose to read it whenever I want.

THAT, in my opinion, is the power of twitter: Your public feed is availble by RSS for me to read, even though I *don’t* follow you, whenever I want, in a format I want (google reader).

Originally posted as a comment by Rich on The Tubbynerd using Disqus.


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