Free web hosting (as in beer)

Do you have a domain registered, but can’t decide what to do with it?

Do you want to find the best price for hosting your website?

(Wow, this sounds like and Ad. Sorry!)

Just in case you haven’t come across this one yet – check out

I’ve been tossing up whether or not to host one of the domains I own for a while now. I’ve always been put off by the cost of doing so, considering that it’s not really the sort of domain name I really want to do anything but experiment with.

You can’t beat $0.00, right? So with that sort of overhead, I can play to my heart’s content, and you can too.

Unlike most thing that sound too good to be true, this one isn’t. There are no catches, and you don’t have to serve ads on your website.

Go check it out. It really is free, as in beer.


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