Blogrush – now that the buzz had died down.

If you remember my earlier post about blogrush, you’ll recall that I was a little skeptical about just how useful it really is. Does it live up to the hype?

Well the hype seems to have died down. A lot. Did you notice? If you believe what they tell you over there, apprently blogrush has been wildly successful. Very wildly successful for spammers, too it seems. So wildly successful that according to the folks at blogrush, everybody’s stats are skewed, and the number of clickthroughs is much lower than anticipated.

Uh huh.

So they’re working hard now to fix the problem. If that’s the case then, I could conclude that now I should be getting a few more clicks than I was initially. Let’s see what google analytics thinks.

google analytics

So for referrals, blogrush (after all this time, mind) ranks #6 with a whopping 18 page views. According to my blogrush dashboard, in the last 7 days alone I’ve earned over 350 credits for the blog in question.

So something is up. I think now that the hype has died down, blogrush is showing itself to be akin to google adsense: an annoying widget that pops up on people’s blogs. Something that nobody aside from other bloggers (who have themselves got the blogrush widget) will click on.

Sounds like the jury is in, to me. Go ahead and sign up for blogrush. This is a referral link which means I’ll get “traffic” (in theory) when you do. By the looks of the success thus far, I need al l the help I can get.

PS:  Did you ever notice how the blogrush dashboard refers to your ‘traffic’?  That’s people who see a link to your website, not actual traffic ON your website. Worthwhile distinction to note.


One Response to Blogrush – now that the buzz had died down.

  1. DefMall says:

    I appreciate the feedback. I’ve been trying to decide if my blog ( needs the BlogRush widget, but so far I’ve only read ‘luke warm’ reviews at best. If real bloggers are seeing no ‘real ‘results from it, then I think I’d just be wasting my time…

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