Twitter tracking – more ass-kicking coolness

The longer I have to play with twitter tracking, the cooler it is. (I’ve already spoken about how it works here.)

Here’s a list of the top five things that I think are worthwhile tracking:

  1. Your user name: All combinations thereof, including @username.
  2. The city you live in. In my case, Melbourne. A half hour after I added this, I had seen twitters from no less than 5 people in Melbourne talking about traffic, public transport and local events. Gives twitter a nice hometown feel. It’s almost local news “as it happens”. Obviously this depends on who twitters what.
  3. “Britney Spears”. There is so much gossip about her at the moment it’s amazing. You’d never need to buy a gossip magazine ever again. Substitute your favorite celeb for Britney. For example:
  4. “laugh”. Any time someone finds something funny, you’ll know about it.  Everyone needs a little comic relief now and then.
  5. Anything related to websites you own or plan on working on. I shouldn’t need to expand on this one.

As a bonus, if you haven’t worked out the phrase that twitter themselves are saying seems to be the most popular, take a look at the twitter blog. As I’ve mentioned previously, reach out and touch a huge number of people simply by incorporating that into your tweets…

Happy twittering!

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