Why twitter tracking kicks ass!

Twitter quietly introduced a neat little addition recently called “twitter tracking”.

All you need to do is enter “track <keywords>” into twitter via your mobile, from twitbin, or any of the multiple twitter tools and you’ll be instantly updated any time that anyone mentions those keywords.

Here’s why this is great:

Firstly, if you’re doing any type of marketing on the internet, you can track your marketing related keywords: “track sausage making” for example, will alert you any time someone twitters anything about making sausages. The keywords can appear anywhere in the twitter, so it won’t just track “sausage making“, but also “making sausage“, “I feel like a sausage.  All this spam is making me sick” and so on.

But the coolest thing twitter let slip recently was what the most highly tracked phrase was. In other words, what the most people want to be updated about.

Why do you want to know that? If you know what that particular phrase is all you have to do is twitter something using that particular phrase, add a link to somewhere you want people to go, and voila – instant access to a large number of people  you previously didn’t have. Of course, you’d need to use this responsibly, right?

So what’s the phrase? I’m not going to spoil the surprise for you. Go find it for yourself! You never know, you might have overheard it already when I referenced my website on how to lucid dream 🙂


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