Blogrush – does it really work?

There’s been a lot of buzz about lately from blogrush. In case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s being widely hailed as the best way to drive free traffic to your blog. Free traffic. Free, as in beer.

All you need to do is put a widget on your blog with links to other people’s blogs. You get credit for displaying links to other people’s pages which, in turn, gives you credit to display a link to your blog on other’s pages, hopefully driving some traffic your way.

Sounds great in theory, right? But hang on a moment – does it have that niggling feeling that it might just be too good to be true? And you know what that means…

Well let’s take a look. I signed up for blogrush and put a widget on my highest-traffic blog on blogger. I’m getting upwards of 220 page views per day consistently. I rank #3 in google for my target phrase. The page isn’t converting however and I’ve left it be for a week or so now to focus on a new project. Perfect candidate for a little blogrush testing.

Here’s my graph from google analytics for a day or so after I added the widget. I’ll allow you to draw your own conclusions here…

So where to from here? Explosive traffic growth depends on a few things:

  1. People clicking on the blogrush links. As Ed Dale is saying, people like to click around the ‘net and stumbleupon stuff (All hail ADD!), so even if your blog title isn’t relevant to the page on which it’s displayed, people may still click. Apparently I’m getting more traffic from somewhere at the moment. Google is still telling me that 90.9% of my traffic comes from search engines.
  2. People signing up to blogrush using my affiliate link. That means that I’m entitled to more traffic because I’ve referred people. Should those referrals themselves generate referrals, I get an exponential traffic growth. In theory.
  3. The blogrush effect taking hold. I think it will, but what do I know. People get tired of things pretty quickly online.

There are a couple of downsides that spring to mind as well.

  1. People have an exit from your page that is beyond your control. Granted, it opens in a new window, but that doesn’t mean they’ll come back to your page and re-read it. In addition the “new window” thing quickly fills a screen, or your firefox tab bar. It could be a thorn in the side of blogrush once people realise that you can’t stop it doing that.
  2. Traffic from other sites that are unrelated to your blog do not mean more sales. We want targeted traffic, not random traffic. The success of blogrush from a marketing perspective will be how well it places links on other people’s pages. At the moment my page seems to be showing a lot of unrelated links based on my content. It’s early days yet of course.
  3. Once the buzz dies down, will what’s left be links to quality content, or will we be overrun with spam? The more traffic your site has, the more opportunity we have to put links on other peoples pages. We all know what the highest traffic stuff online is, right?

So the jury is still out, but the initial signs look somewhat promising. Stay tuned!

(Do your own Blogrush experiment by clicking here)

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One Response to Blogrush – does it really work?

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